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The current real estate consultant is well equipped with constant qualification, providing a profile suited to the market trends. He is constantly changing, creating a professional with all the information about the market where he operates, offering a fully customized service guided towards secrecy and discretion. According to the highest standards of quality, he is sought out to facilitate the search of a property and the process inherent to its acquisition. A Private Luxury consultant, has no clients, he has relationships for life, where he becomes a key player in the life of each person.


The consultant’s presentation, being one of the most important matters, should imperatively rely on a careful Dress Code.

Dress Code – In the panoply suggested at this stage, we single out Classic, Sophisticated and Casual Chic.



Classic – Suit with or without tie, neutral or darker colors (Black, Gray, Dark Blue - New York Style), sophisticated designer shoes (not too bold, but fashionable) and matching belt. Facial presentation – Hair cared for, beard trimmed or sculped (men), face moisturized. Accessories – Wrist watch, jewelry bracelets, earrings and sophisticated necklaces, with or without sun glasses matching the style.


Export systems – Total command of information technology and real estate export. Insertion of real estate in the following platforms:

•    Website – Total command of website features and structure.
•    Ego – Export system for the website and for subscribed channels such as Casasapo, BPI Expresso, Imovirtual, OLX, IOL, Espaços Lisboa, Espaço Setúbal, Aluga Setúbal and Lisboa, Edenway, live in the center.
•    Imoplataforma – Export channel
•    Word – Writing official and simple letters...etc
•    Excel - Writing official and simple letters, charts, reports
•    Powerpoint – Multimedia presentation
•    Internet – Research, real estate analysis, partnerships, Google maps locations. Work within a user’s scope.
•    Iphone – User’s scope, agenda, internet research, wechat, emails.
•    Computer / Laptop - User’s scope, agenda, internet research, wechat, emails, photo downloads or uploads.
•    Cannon or digital camera – Get to know and learn the best angles and hours for the best photos, this item being ensure by a team of professional photographers.


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