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Founded in Portugal by the SCI Group, the company Private Luxury Real Estate specializes in in Luxury Real Estate, at the head of a large number of Premium Building transactions in Portugal.

By leveraging international training, highly qualified human resources, an individualized approach to servicing customers, a Private Service around the Luxury Tailor-made concept (where each solution is made specifically to fit for a particular person or purpose). The reputation of our professionalism quickly spread among the wealthier circles, thus projecting the work of our team as a leading brand in the marketing of luxury properties in Portugal.

Private Luxury Real Estate is present on all the prestige property markets, mainly focused on building an individual relationship with each of its clients, sensitive to the highest standards, reasons why it has been reckoned as one of the real estate market leaders.

Our common will to respect a set of principles and guidelines, values shared by all the collaborators, allows us to extend our activities to expand our operations further in Europe and Africa, by attracting the attention of those who are seeking for tailor-made patterns of highest quality.

The pillars that underpin the concept of a tailored service, “custom-made”, are intrinsically the knowledge, the attention to the minutest of details, the discretion and the description, are unavoidable factors to achieve a good deal the customer satisfaction. As a result of this requirement, we can emphasise our valuable network of contacts, our innovation in creating strategies and our active contribution to marketing luxury real estate in the key neighbourhoods in which they are located.

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