And if there was a system to show us the way towards our dreams? A DPS to remind us that, when you start a dream, you don't give up half way through.


Intuition. Premonition. A certainty that comes from within. Call it what you want. The truth is that we all have a GPS inside that always tries to guide us in the right direction. And sometimes it’s hard to keep the right direction, especially when it comes to dreams, don’t you agree? Once someone asked a successful business man what he had different from others to be able to turn dreams into gold? He answered: “10% of my dreams I have already secured. The ones that I remember when I wake up. Since after waking up I only have five minutes to forget 90% of what I dreamed, I take this time to live all the dreams as if they were breathing in my hands.”As if dreams could breathe in our hands. Beautiful, isn’t it? And the only job we have is not letting the dreams die. How is it done? We’ll show you. Meanwhile, think about this: when your start a journey towards a specific destination, you do not give up halfway there, do you? And if you don’t know the way, what do you do? Follow the GPS – if you have one -, look at the map or ask someone who knows, right? The logic of dreams is the same. The difference is, dreams get directions from a DPS (Dream Positioning System). You want to know more about this? Stick around.


What have dreams and GPS to do with luxury real estate? Everything. And to this we add courage. The courage to act accordingly. The courage to make the right decision. Yes, because everyone can decide. To make the right decision requires specialized knowledge. And this is true for any choice. In business, as in love, relationships, money, health, everything. And this is true for any choice made in Private Luxury. You know that voice, we call it intuition, that talks to you when you are about to close a big business deal? That’s us. The courage. And we are part of that percentage of people who believe that dreams can predict the future. Let us say that we are the present with the future wrapped. We promise you an explanation about how not to let dreams die. So, here goes.


Imagine waking up one day with the uncontrollable urge to sell your home or, who knows, buy the house of your life? Or that you are an investor willing to buy a hotel or turn a building profitable? What kind of real estate agency would you entrust with the task? First on, an agency that makes you feel good, right? an agency that, at first contact, makes you feel complete, fulfilled, taking steps in the right direction, right? An agency that makes you feel you were not born for small things, but for great deeds, that would give you, in the smallest details, such a boost of confidence that you would perfectly know that you were making the right decision. An agency that makes you feel at home? An agency that builds success on your own terms. An agency to give your dreams the 90% they need to be live to the fullest. That’s us. The courage. A refined courage in all areas of prestige. Private Luxury Real Estate has specialized in luxury real estate since the very beginning, when it started within the SCI Group. Since then it has been responsible for a large number of premium real estate transactions in Portugal. If someone ever asks you what does Private Luxury have to be able to turn dreams into gold, just answer this, please:“these are people who work exclusively for success. They speak the same language, face to face, close to the client. They are professionals with well-defined rules, values and principles. And they never leave you hanging.”Intuition. Premonition. A certainty that comes from within. Are you ready to unwrap your present?


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