Dreams are not measured in size. Dreams are measure by their greatness. The dream is Lisbon.

Marta is a hundred percent urban woman. “Life only makes sense if lived a hundred percent”, declares this 41-year-old businesswoman with determination. “I was never one for villas and unobstructed views outside the city. I like to counter the trends. I’d rather drown in the sights of the city”.

What a beautiful concept, this! To drown in the sights of the city! Breath the city even under water. Marta loves the countryside, the beach, the mountain, she loves the sensation of beautiful landscapes, but for living, living is only in the city.

Decorate the house as if decorating life

“As soon as I see that there are apartments for sale in Lisbon, I start thinking about houses full of personality, very welcoming, decorated with more truth. In my opinion, a house has to be taken like life: decorated with more truth.” Decorating a house is like decorating life: with more truth. An idea to keep.

“I found my dream house by pure chance while searching apartments for sale in Lisbon” says Marta. “I fell in love immediately. An 18th century Pombalino duplex apartment, in Chiado, next to the Brasileira, Fernando Pessoa’s café.

I was totally in love. The architecture’s poetry, restored with every care, a house that spoke to me, telling me the history of Lisbon with refinement and modernity.” Marta’s eyes shine brighter than the city lights when she describes the charm of the four suites and three rooms, the glamor of the room and the library. And, of course, the view, always the view of the apartments for sale in Lisbon. A greatness that gives way to dreams, even if dreams are not measurable in size.

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